Create Token Locker

The Create Token Locker function allows you to create a token lock-up through a smart contract that is immutable. This way you can lock up founder tokens or team tokens until a defined date. You can also lock liquidity pool or LP tokens.

This function therefore allows you to prove to third parties such as investors that you have locked up a certain amount of tokens and don't have access to them and cannot trade them until a pre-defined date.

Create and view a token locker

To create a new token locker, select the blockchain of your choice and click the contract address input field. A list of all the tokens in your wallet opens. You can also directly paste a token contract address in the input field.

Once you have selected a token, you can proceed to create a locker for it.

Click on "Lock TOKEN SYMBOL" to enter the flow and then "Create locker".

After you clicked "Create locker", click on "Specify token lock". If the token has the property "Requires Whitelisting", you must whitelist the lock address in the Manage Token feature.

A modal opens where you can put in the token amount that you want to deposit in the locker and then time until when the tokens will stay locked.

After you specified the details, click "Approve". With this you give Token Tool permission to send the specified amount of tokens from your wallet to the token lock contract.

After you gave approval, confirm by clicking "Lock". This is your last opportunity to check if you set the right parameters. Do this carefully, as you will not be able to withdraw tokens from the locker until its expiry!

After the locker is successfully set up, you will see the following confirmation screen.

Bookmark or save the Lock address. This is important so that you can withdraw your tokens after the locker expired. One way to find the lock address in case you forgot to save it is to look at the holders of the token in a block explorer. You can usually identify the lock contract by the number of tokens or the date they were transferred.

Clicking "Relock token" will let you change the unlock date to a later time / day, but the new lock date needs to be set after the current lock date.

Note that you can also create another token locker for the very same token from scratch in order to lock another batch of tokens (unless of course you already locked all tokens that you have control of).

When you click "Share" you will see the following view. There is no Bitbond logo, you can share the URL publicly to prove that the tokens are locked.

Withdraw tokens from the locker

Once the unlock date and time are here, your tokens will still be in the lock contract. In order to transfer them back to your wallet, you need to go through the same steps as creating a new locker. However, this time make sure to enter the contract address of the token locker.

In the next screen click "Lock TOKEN SYMBOL".

There is now a "Withdraw" button.

Click "Withdraw" to transfer the tokens from the locker contract back to your wallet.

After the tokens are withdrawn successfully from the lock contract, the "Withdraw" button becomes inactive.

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