Create Token
To get started with asset tokenization via Token Tool connect your wallet with one of the options described under Token issuer key custody and select the blockchain of your choice. Once you have done that you can create your first token.
Create Token lets you define the following parameters of an ERC20 token:
  • Token name
  • Symbol
  • Initial supply
  • Decimals
  • Can burn: Enables token burning after initial token creation to decrease supply
  • Can mint: Enables additional token minting after initial token creation to increase supply
  • Can pause: Specifies whether your token and all associated operations can be halted and resumed whenever needed. This can be useful in case of a vulnerability or a malicious attack. Be aware that enabling pausing gives central authority to the token creator.
  • Can Blacklist: Specifies whether individual accounts such as malicious actors can be blacklisted after initial token creation. Be aware that enabling blacklisting gives central authority to the token creator.
  • Change owner: The default owner is the address of the connected wallet. Note: if you change the owner to an address that you don’t control, you will not be able to make any changes to the token after its creation.
  • Set deflation (note: this feature is currently being implemented and will be experimental): If turned on, every transaction of the token will be charged certain fees as specified below
    • Transaction tax: Every transaction will be charged a percentage fee that will be paid to the token creator. Set to 0 to turn off.
    • Tax recipient address: Determines the recipient of the transaction tax, by default this is the token creator. Note: this address will not be charged.
    • Burn fee: Every transaction will be charged a percentage fee, this fee amount will be burned. Set to 0 to turn off.
    • Holders reward fee: This fee is distributed as a reward to token holders for holding this token.
    • Example calculation: Let’s assume the transaction tax is set at 1%, the burn fee at 2% and the holders reward fee at 3%. When a user sends 100 tokens, the recipient gets 94 tokens, 1 token goes to the token creator (the transaction tax), 2 tokens are burned (the burn fee) and 3 tokens are distributed among all token holders (the holders reward fee).
It takes approximately 10 seconds to create the tokens after you confirm. The token will be automatically transferred to the address of the creator/owner after the creation is successful. The token is automatically deployed to the network and verified.
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