Create NFT
This function lets you create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the ERC721 token standard. It also allows NFT buyers to buy NFTs in a convenient way directly from the NFT creator with no middleman involved.

Initial NFT creation

To get started with NFT creation via Token Tool, connect your wallet with one of the options listed under the Token Tool intro and select the blockchain of your choice (respective testnets are supported, too).
Once you have done that, you can create your first NFT. Define the following parameters of your ERC721 NFT:
  • Image file or image URL: this is the image that you would like to tokenize. It is recommended to upload your file to make sure the image is always available. Uploading will happen to IPFS.
  • Name: like with ERC20 tokens you can define a name and a symbol. The name can be something more descriptive such as Indian Summer 2021.
  • Symbol: the symbol can be something shorter such as ISU2021.
  • Description: describe what the NFT is about, potentially say something about the creator or the collection.
  • Enable public minting: enables additional NFT minting for everybody after initial NFT creation to increase supply. If this stays disabled, only the NF creator can mint this NFT.
  • Start time: from this time on your NFT can be minted. If empty, there is no time limit.
  • End time: the NFT can be minted until this time. If empty, there is no time limit.
  • Mint price: this is the price to mint one NFT specified in the native cryptocurrency of the selected blockchain (e.g. ETH if Ethereum has been selected, MATIC if Polygon has been selected etc.). If the price is set to 0, minting is free. Fees are transferred directly to the creator’s wallet. Token Tool does not receive the mint price.
  • Max NFT mint amount per user: maximum amount that can be minted per user or creator of this NFT. If set to 0, there is no limit.
  • Global max mint amount: this is the global total maximum supply of this NFT. If set to 0, there is no limit.
After you have specified these details, you can create your NFT. Metamask will open and you will be asked to confirm the transaction.
After the NFT has been created successfully, you will see a modal with a link to display the NFT and a link to the block explorer.
The NFT display link is particularly important. From here you can view your NFT and mint it.
In case you missed the modal or forgot to save the URL, it's easy to reconstruct it. In such a case go to Metamask (or the wallet you are using) and look at the transaction history. You will find your transaction history there:
When you click on the transaction that deployed the NFT creation, this modal opens in the wallet:
From here click on "View on block explorer". In the example above, this URL will open
From here you will find your NFT contract address. In this case it's 0x291f1c464948bD89A03660F60deA33157794E0fd
You can use the contract address to construct the Token Tool NFT viewer, you can easily see that the contract address simply comes after ".../asset/"

Mint NFTs

The NFT view page allows you to directly access all the information regarding your NFT and to mint NFTs.
Under "List" you will find all NFTs that have been minted and their respective token ID.