Paying Fees on Token Tool

Token Tool is a Web3 app where payment upon check out takes place in the native cryptocurrency of the network being used. When users decide to use Token Tool to configure and deploy smart contracts, they need to connect their wallet and complete payments in crypto by confirming the transaction in their wallet. Our pricing page contains a detailed breakdown of the costs for all Token Tool functions and features.

Purchasing cryptocurrency can prove to be a challenging to users who are not familiar with the space. It can also be difficult to investors looking to invest in token sales that were created with Token Tool.

Many wallet providers like MetaMask, offer a user-friendly interface to easily buy crypto directly from their apps. We put together a guide to walk you through the process of how to buy crypto on MetaMask. You can use the guide for your own reference, or refer your investors to that guide if you're conducting a token sale with Token Tool.

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