Create Chain Record

Create Chain Record allows you to add a text entry to a blockchain. This is done by sending a transaction and attaching metadata to it.

Currently the Chain Record function supports sending of cryptocurrencies. Going forward the sending of custom ERC20 tokens will also be supported in order to attach metadata to transactions of custom ERC20 tokens as well.

As a securities registrar you can use this function in order to use blockchains as an immutable store of registry data in an anonymized as well as non-anonymized way.

To add a chain record you need to specify:

  • Amount: native cryptocurrency of the selected chain (i.e. ETH, MATIC, AVAX or BNB) that you are sending in order to add the chain record. If you only want to create the entry without actually sending a high dollar amount, you can simply put in a very small amount such as 0.00001

  • Message content: use any type of text based content – this could be plain text such as "hello world" or a hash such as the MD5 hash of "hello world" which is 5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3

  • Recipient address: address to which the transaction is sent

Here is an example configuration with plain text:

After the record was created successfully, you can see this confirmation modal:

From there you can see a block explorer link to the transaction. This is the link to the example above

To see the content on chain, select "Click to see More" in the bottom left of the explorer page. Then scroll to the bottom where it says "Input Data" and then from "View Input As" choose UTF-8. You will see all content the way you entered it:

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