Welcome to the Bitbond Asset Tokenization Suite

The Bitbond Asset Tokenization Suite is a set of software components and APIs with which you can create tokens, manage the life-cycle of tokens and onboard / manage investors to conduct token offerings.

Token Tool

Create, manage and distribute tokens to multiple recipients on leading EVM chains with Token Tool. This tool is available publicly as a Web3 app as well as in an enterprise version.

You can use Token Tool stand-alone if you manage orders, investors, payments and custody on your own. Alternatively, you can use Token Tool in combination with the Offering Manager for larger token offerings with many investors.

Token interactions such as token burning, token minting, address blacklisting, address whitelisting, token clawbacks / forced transfers etc. that are the result of corporate actions can also be managed via Token Tool.

Offering Manager

The Offering Manager lets you manage investors and orders for token offerings. Data can be submitted via the Bitbond Offering Manager API. You can view and manage information via the Admin Panel UI.

This component is only accessible as an enterprise version. You can learn about its functionality in this documentation. Please get in touch if you would like to use this product.

Operating Model

We offer three options to use and operate the components of the Bitbond Asset Tokenization Suite.

Publicly accessible SaaS web application

This option is only available for Token Tool. Besides this option, Token Tool is also available as an enterprise version via the operating model options below.

Enterprise version hosted by Bitbond

We host the entire application for you in our cloud infrastructure on AWS. You can choose the region.

In your cloud account

We deploy into your cloud account such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

In your data center

We deploy into your data center (this usually adds complexity and cost but is still a viable option).

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