Manage Token
To manage an existing token you need to connect the wallet that owns the token you'd like to manage. Once you've done that, enter the token contract address.
Then you will be able to control the following parameters of the token. Please note that some of these parameters can only be changed, if the token has initially been created in a way that these parameters can still be changed after initial token creation:
  • Mint (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Burn (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Change owner (always possible)
  • Renounce ownership (always possible)
  • Blacklist address (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Pause (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Add a liquidity pool to a decentralized exchange (always possible, however only on the respective mainnet, no testnet support), supported DEXes:
    • Ethereum: Uniswap
    • Polygon: Quickswap
    • Avalanche: Trader Joe
    • BSC: Pancakeswap
Once you have entered your token address, the Manage Token screen will show up. Please note that you have to be the owner the the token that you want to manage with the connected wallet, otherwise Manage Token will not work.
Depending on which token functions have been activated at token creation, not all fields under Manage Token might be active.
This function is particularly useful if you want to to execute corporate actions that have an impact on existing or newly to be minted tokens / shares.
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