Manage Token

To manage an existing token you need to connect the wallet that owns the token contract in Token Tool. After that, enter the token contract address. Alternatively you can also click on the token that you want to manage from the drop down list of token symbols and contract addresses that opens once you click the input field. Make sure that your wallet is connected to the same network as the one on which the token was created.

Token verification

There are two buttons related to the verification of your token contract source code on the block explorer – "Automatic Verification" and "Manual Verification Instructions". These methods allow you to verify the source code of your token, therefore making the smart contract publicly available for users to verify the authenticity and security of your token contract.
Token verification works on all supported mainnet and testnet networks. Tokens created with Token Tool should be automatically verified upon creation. In some cases you may need to verify your token manually.
To do so, you can complete the verification via both verification buttons under Manage Token:

Automatic verification

This button consists of automatically verifying your token’s contract source code on the block explorer. After clicking it, your token may become fully verified (aka "Exact Match Verified"), or partially verified (aka "Similar Match Verified"). If clicking this button shows an error, the token is most likely already verified.
Example of a "Similar Match Verified" token:
Example of an "Exact Match Verified" token:

Manual verification instructions

If your token is similar match verified and you wish to have it exact match verified, follow the steps provided under the manual verification instructions button:
If your token is still not partially or fully verified after completing the verification steps provided under Manage Token, you may need to contact the designated block explorer support team to have them perform the verification on your behalf.

Token configuration

You can control the following parameters of your token. Please note that some of these parameters can only be changed, if the respective function was activated at the initial token creation:
  • Mint (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Burn (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Change owner (always possible)
  • Renounce ownership (always possible)
  • Blacklist address (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Pause (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Transaction tax / fee (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Deflation settings (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Add a liquidity pool to a decentralized exchange. This feature may not work for tokens that have “Security Token Configuration” features activated. Please also note that this feature only works on the respective mainnets, there is no testnet support. Supported DEXes:
    • Ethereum: Uniswap
    • Polygon: Quickswap
    • Avalanche: Trader Joe
    • BSC: Pancakeswap
    • Fantom: SpookySwap
  • Edit asset documentation (only possible if activated at creation)
  • Add or remove whitelisted addresses (only visible and possible if activated at creation)
  • Change tokens per address limit (only possible if activated at creation) – note that you can only increase the limit but not decrease it in order to avoid creating a conflict with the amount of tokens that could be held per address prior to the change. This feature is also called "whale protection".
  • Force transaction to move tokens from any wallet address to another address (only possible if activated at creation)
Manage Token is particularly useful if you want to execute corporate actions that have an impact on existing or to be newly minted tokens / shares.