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Track Portfolio

Many wallets don't have a convenient way to show which tokens you hold under a particular address. Therefore Token Tool provides a user-friendly way to track your token portfolio including all your custom tokens.
The portfolio tracker currently supports tokens and NFTs on the following mainnets:
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom
  • Arbitrum
When you change the settings to show testnet tokens, the following testnets are supported:
  • Ethereum Georli
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Profile settings

In the profile settings, you have the option to make the following changes:
  • Profile avatar: You can choose an NFT from your wallet as your profile avatar.
  • Add email: By adding your email address, you can benefit from monthly updates and exclusive discounts.
  • Token portfolio blacklist: In case you have tokens in your portfolio that you don't want to see (e.g. tokens you received via a spammy airdrop), you can blacklist them from the portfolio view or via the search bar.
  • Network settings: Activate the "Show tokens on testnet" button to show the tokens that you hold on testnets. Note that either mainnet or testnet tokens are shown, never both. If you want to see the testnet portfolio of a third-party address (i.e. not your connected wallet) you have to change this setting to testnet on your portfolio first, after that you can also see third-party testnet portfolios.
  • Total value: USD value of all tokens in your portfolio on supported chains, excluding tokens you blacklisted. Note that on tokens that are not listed on any exchanges, publicly accessible prices are not available. In those cases you need to input a price manually to reflect these tokens in the total USD value.


Under Tokens, you can get an overview of all tokens in your connected wallet on the chains that are supported by Token Tool.
The following parameters help you to navigate your portfolio:
  • Token: Here you can see the token symbol. Additionally, you have the option to narrow down the displayed chains by clicking on the grid.
  • Balance: The number of tokens held in your wallet.
  • Price ($): Either the price for which a tokens trades on exchanges or the price you put in here for tokens where no publicly accessible price is available.
  • Value: Value of all tokens of a specific kind in your portfolio (calculated simply by balance times price).
  • Actions: Quick access of the functions send token and manage token.
  • Features: Displays which settings were selected when creating the token. This works for all tokens that were created with Token Tool. For tokens that were created through other methods, the features will usually not be displayed properly.
  • Settings: From here you can blacklist the respective token. The token will no longer be displayed in your portfolio and will not be part of the portfolio value calculation. You can take tokens off the blacklist again via the Portfolio Tracker settings Additionally, you can copy the contract address of the token and open the respective block explorer page of the token.


In the NFT section, you can easily view your NFTs. By clicking on each NFT, you can view its details, including its contract address, token ID, and description. You can also access the NFTs on the Opensea and Rarible marketplaces by clicking on the links provided.