Manage Token Sale

Under Manage Token Sale you can review the status of your token sale and edit parameters before the start. To enter the Manage screen, you need to enter you token sale contract address. Normally you would have saved this address after you created your token sale. If you can't find the token sale contract address, you can also find it in the shareable token sale link. It is the address that you find under the title of your token sale.

Token sale information and token sending

Here you can review the address of the token that is on sale, the public token sale link for investors and further details. Before the sale starts, it is critical that the token sale contract received the tokens that are on sale.

To send the tokens to the sale contract, simply click on the Transfer Tokens button and complete the steps for processing the transaction.

General settings

If you want to change the parameters of your token sale, you have to do that before you Transfer Tokens. After tokens have been sent to the sale contract, no more editing is possible.

Public token sale page for investors

The HTML section under the Token sale information is a code snippet with which you can easily include the public sale page in an existing website via an iframe.

You can see an example of how the iframe is implemented in this how to create a token presale blog post. Of course you can edit the parameters such as height and width.

This way you can create a website that describes your project, team, roadmap, use of proceeds etc. and embed the Token Sale page without the need to send investors to a separate website.

Investor on-boarding

If you look for guidance on the to manage investor on-boarding, please go to this section of the Create Token Sale documentation.

To add investors to the whitelist you can either paste one or multiple addresses in the input field that opens after you click Add addresses. Alternatively you can upload a CSV file or a spreadsheet with all addresses.


Sometimes investors want to cancel their investment. In this case you may either want to grant a refund out of fairness or you may even be required to do so by law. In Germany for instance private investors have a right to cancel online purchases / investments for 14 days.

There are two ways how you can handle refunds:

  • Blacklist the wallet address of the investor and send them their money back. In this case they won't be able to claim their tokens after the token sale is finished.

  • When the token sale is over and the investor has claimed their tokens, ask them to send the tokens back to you and issue the refund in return.

Finishing the token sale

Token sale is automatically finished when either of the two conditions occur:

  • Specified sale duration is finished. The total investment is either above or below the softcap.

  • Sale ends early due to all available tokens getting purchased (hardcap reached).

It is recommended to remind investors in any case after the token sale finishes. This way they will know that they can claim their tokens (if softcap was reached) or claim their funds (if softcap was not reached).

Investors simply claim their tokens or funds respectively from the same page where they invested.

As the token sale organizer you will want to withdraw the invested funds (if softcap was reached after the token sale ended or immediately after the hardcap was reached) or withdraw tokens (if softcap was not reached) from the token sale contract. If the softcap was reached but the hard cap was not reached, there will also be some remaining tokens. You can withdraw these as well under the Manage Token Sale functionality.

The following buttons are visible when you scroll all the way down. Note that the buttons become active after the token sale ends and the conditions for the withdrawals are met.

Where can I find my token sale contract address?

Should you not be able to find the token sale address, you can get it from your wallet. When you created the token sale, your wallet recorded a Contract Interaction (in Metamask you can see this transaction under the Activity tab). From here you can click on "View on block explorer".

On the block explorer page, select the internal transactions tab, in there you will find the token sale contract address that was deployed from the Token Tool contract address:

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