Intro Token Tool

Token Tool is a publicly accessible Web3 application that provides core functionality for the creation, management and distribution of tokens and NFTs on Ethereum and Ethereum compatible blockchains (EVM chains). Use Token Tool via Web3 login. An enterprise version is available upon request.

Token Tool has a number of advantages compared to other products for token creation and management:

  • Uses simple Web3 login: no customized API integrations of key custody solutions is necessary. Manage your keys in the way you want as long as Web3 login is supported.

  • No-code smart contract deployment: configure your token via a convenient user interface (or via API if you use the enterprise version) without the need to code your own Solidity code. All Token Tool smart contracts have been audited by CertiK.

  • Supports leading EVM chains and testnets: Ethereum (and Sepolia testnet), Polygon PoS (and Mumbai testnet), Polyon zkEVM, Avalanche (and Fuji testnet), Fantom (and Fantom testnet), Arbitrum, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain (aka BNB chain as well as BSC Test), Coinbase Base Chain and MELD chain.

  • Supports different token standards: create ERC20 and ERC1400 tokens (and their equivalents on other EVM chains) as well ERC721 NFTs with rich customization capabilities.

  • Supports Web3 wallets for login: login with most browser wallets like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, Trust Wallet, MEWconnect and many others as well as Ledger as a hardware wallet. Via the Wallet Connect integration you can use different hardware wallets and sophisticated bank-grade key management solutions such as Fireblocks, Gnosis Safe, Metaco, Ledger Enterprise, Copper, GK8 and others.

  • API access: all features are also accessible to enterprise customers programmatically.

  • Token creator remains in control: don't give away control over your tokens to third parties, instead remain in control through the elegant Web3 logic. The token creation is non-custodial.

  • Fair fee model: tokenize assets without complicated on-boarding or setup fees and only pay for what you use. You can find our fees under Token Tool Pricing.

To get started simply go to Token Tool and log in with your Web3 wallet.

A note on WalletConnect v2: Some wallet providers don't support blockchain switching during a WalletConnect session. A re-connection is needed when you switch blockchains to guarantee seamless integration with a variety of those providers. For example, if you initially established a WalletConnect session on Ethereum but decide to switch to Polygon, this transition would prompt an automatic disconnection of your wallet. Simply re-establish the connection and your session will resume, now utilizing your newly selected blockchain.

  • If you have issues connecting, please close the connection modal, select your desired chain, refresh the page and try again.

  • If your wallet provider supports multiple addresses, by default the connection will be established to the first address provided by the wallet.

  • Some wallet providers will only allow you to establish a session to a mainnet workspace while a mainnet chain is selected and testnet to a workspace when a testnet chain is selected. If you run into connection errors, please make sure you are connecting to the right workspace.

  • If you want to connect to a testnet workspace, please select one of the features (e.g. Create Token ), flip the toggle to select testnets, pick your desired chain and connect your wallet.

Gas fees need to be paid for all on-chain interactions. The amount of gas fee required is dependent on the complexity of the transaction and the current usage of the respective network. It's important to note that gas fees are paid in native coins, such as ETH or MATIC.

This table gives you an indication of the average gas fees stated in USD for the most common functions on Token Tool. The values are historical averages and can fluctuate depending on network utilization.

Value in USDCreate TokenMintBurn





Polygon PoS












Token Tool contract addresses

Some custody solutions are restrictive regarding external deposit addresses for security reasons. If a wallet is set up in a way that funds can leave this wallet to whitelisted addresses only, you can only use Token Tool only after you have whitelisted the Token Tool smart contract addresses first. Here is a list of the addresses that you need to whitelist in that case.

Mainnet addresses:

  • Ethereum: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Avalanche: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Polygon: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Binance Smart Chain: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Fantom: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Arbitrum: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Optimism: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Base Chain: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Polygon zkEVM: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • MELD: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Blast: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Peaq: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

Testnet addresses

  • Ethereum Sepolia: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Avalanche Fuji: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Polygon Mumbai: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Binance Smart Chain Test: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Fantom Testnet: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

  • Arbitrum Sepolia: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Optimism Testnet: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Base Chain Testnet: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Polygon zkEVM Testnet: 0x486F6AEA7d150254273AC7a5ffd872db54120b9a

  • Blast Sepolia Testnet: 0x4904Ba3148147D2f78b05a8446C01c48a7ABa4bd

Test Token Tool for free on testnets

Token Tool supports testnets for supported mainnet chains. This way you can test Token Tool for free. As an example: when you go to Create Token and select Ethereum as your chain, you can switch to Ethereum Sepolia Testnet in your Metamask. Token Tool will continue to function the same way as it does on mainnet.

To pay gas fees on testnets, you need testnet coins. Token Tool offers testnet faucets where you can get testnet coins for free.

Governance and security notice

We emphasize the importance of responsibly selecting contract configuration options based on your use case and target audience. While crypto-native projects may require a highly decentralized / trustless setup, enterprise customers often require a higher degree of controls and centralization to fulfill compliance requirements. To build trust with your audience, only grant yourself permissions that are required by your use case.

All contracts deployed via Token Tool are owned by the wallet you select. Depending on your configuration options, this wallet may have control over certain functions of your token, e.g. mint/burn, whitelisting or force transfers. Any compromise to the owner account may allow the hacker to take advantage of this authority. To avoid any a single point of failure, we recommend the use of multi-sig or MPC wallets such as Safe, Fireblocks, Metaco or Ledger Enterprise.

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