Distribute NFT

Feature in creation
This function allows you to send NFTs to many recipients (also called miltisend NFT) in one transaction. The NFTs that you want to send have to be in the wallet that is connected to Token Tool.
Copy and paste a list of addresses and the respective token IDs (plus the respective amount in the case of ERC1155 tokens) that you want to send to each address. After that you will be asked to approve Token Tool to send NFTs on your behalf. You can control this approval by determining the maximum amount of NFTs that Token Tool can send.
After sending the NFTs is completed, you can also revoke the permission for sending from Token Tool via Metamask.
When sending NFTs, different error messages can appear:
  • Error 1: Invalid wallet address
  • Error 2: Duplicated address with Line X
  • Error 3: Incorrect punctuation mark. Use commas between addresses, TokenID and amount and no spaces in-between
Some quick actions can be selected to resolve duplicate addresses:
  • Keep duplicated addresses
  • Delete duplicated records
Other errors have to be fixed manually or can be deleted automatically by using the “Delete incorrect records” function.