Payments to token holders

After investors received their tokens, they are often entitled to coupon payments on bonds, dividend payments on equity instruments, repayments of bonds, share buybacks etc. Only few types of financial instruments don't pay anything after the primary issuance. Therefore, there needs to be a way to settle payments from issuer to investor.

The most common way to do this is to send bank transfers. For this, the issuer / arranger need to know the bank details of token holders. This is typically the case, when tokens are held by a custodian for investors in segregated accounts (i.e. each investor has his own address instead of all tokens being held in a pool account by the custodian).

The Bitbond Offering Manager lets you schedule daily snapshots of token holders on the Stellar blockchain. This way you can always go back in time. E.g. when the cutoff for a dividend payment is 1pm CET on April 1st but you make the actual payment on April 15th, you will be able to use the snapshot from April 1st to get a list of all token holders and their respective amount at that time.

If the token exists on an EVM chain, you can currently download a snapshot from block explorers. When you scroll down on the balances tab of Etherscan you can download a CSV file with all token holders. We will also be adding the snapshot functionality for EVM chains to the Offering Manager.

Once you know the token holders and their bank details, you can either give this list to your paying agent or send out the payments from the bank account of the issuer.

When you send payments on-chain in cryptocurrency or stable coins, you simply send a transaction to all token holders via the Distribute Token functionality of Token Tool (this is currently under construction).

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