Payments from investors

When investors subscribe to a token offering, they pay for the asset they bought. The moment when this happens depends on the type of offering and investor.

Institutional investors will typically submit a legally binding order, then orders are allocated by the issuer or the issuer's arranger (e.g. an investment bank) and the deal is confirmed. Only after that, the payments settlement happens. Investors send the funds and receive the security tokens.

Retail investors will usually make their payment directly after they have subscribed to an offering and before they receive tokens. Only after their payment arrived, their investment is confirmed and the subscription period finished (or other similar conditions are met) tokens are distributed to investors.

Once the issuer received a payment from an investor, the respective order needs to be updated with the payment information. The Bitbond Offering Manager has two options how to update orders.

Option 1: Update orders automatically

This can be utilized, when payments arrive in an account that offers webhook notifications. This can be the case for crypto payments via key management software that supports webhook notifications. Likewise, when a bank account is used for fiat payments that offers webhooks, this option also works.

Usually this is the primary option in combination with a fiat bank account. Other combinations are more rare and only used if necessary.

Option 2: Update orders manually

Not all bank accounts support webhook notifications. The most common use case is when an issuer wants to use their regular business bank account for payment processing. From a cost perspective this option is advantageous compared to Option 1.

In this case the payment status of an order can be updated and marked as settled manually in the Admin Panel.

To automate this process further you can use a batch confirmation process to mark all payments as settled at once. For this you need to download a CSV file with the most recent transactions from your bank account and upload it in the Admin Panel.

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