Once an Offering has started, Investors can submit Orders to this Offering. Information about Investors and Orders are either created via the Offering Manager API. Admins can review incoming Orders, Investors and respective details via the Offering Manager.

The Orders tab displays all the Orders associated with the Offering.

Select an Order to get more detailed information and manage its state.

Order attributes:

  • Order code is the code assigned to the order, you can think of it as an identifier.

  • Investor is the email address of the investor.

  • Order amount is the value of the order in the asset currency.

  • Currency is the fiat currency in which the offering is denominated.

  • Date is the date and time the order was placed.

  • Status defines where in the order process the order is currently at.

To create an order the following conditions need to be met:

  • The current investor needs to be approved. An investor is approved automatically when they go through a successful KYC identification session. When a user is approved the approved_at is set to a non-null value and the approved attribute is set to true.

  • An order can only be created for a live offering. A live offering has its start date before now and its end date after now.

  • The investment terms need to be accepted by the investor for the offering they want to invest in. The investment terms are accepted by the investor by successfully creating terms through the investment_terms endpoint.

  • The order amount must be greater than the project minimum required investment amount.

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