Create new investor

There are two ways to onboard investors, using our API or having the admin manually add them. It's important to note that the manual onboarding process assumes KYC has been already done and the validation used in our API is bypassed.

Manual Investor Onboarding

In this option the Admin will manually create an Investor using the Bitbond Offering Manager.

From the Investors menu item you click the "Create New Investor" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Once the "Create New Investor" button is clicked the following page will appear and you can enter the investor attributes.

The following investor attributes can be defined when creating a new investor:

  • First Name is a reference to the first name of the investor.

  • Last Name is a reference to the last name of the investor.

  • Email is a reference to the email of the investor.

Note: After the manual creation of the investor, the admin will need to edit the investors details to add additional attributes such as address and bank account.

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