Intro Offering Manager

Bitbond Offering Manager manages investors and orders for token offerings.

With the Bitbond Offering Manager you can

  • Create new token offerings

  • Maintain an overview of token offerings that you have previously set up and conducted or that are ongoing

  • Manage ongoing and completed token offerings via the Asset, Orders and Token tabs of an offering

  • Manage investors, review their KYC status and their orders

  • Manage order books and reconcile investment-related payments from investors

  • Trigger token minting and distribution to investors on the Stellar protocol

  • Prepare distribution of tokens on EVM chains (distribution via Token Tool)

  • Schedule, manage and review snapshots of the list of investors holding your tokens (Token Registrar)

  • Calculate and prepare payments to investors (e.g. dividends or coupons) for payout via bank transfer or stable coin payment

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