The Labs section is used ONLY for the staging environment
Labs allows for easier testing independently of third-parties (KYC providers, custodian, paying agent) where we do not have easy access to set or validate data.

Create Investors

This is a quick way to insert a group of investors into the system. The investors are inserted but not approved or have gone through the KYC process.

Approve Investors

After investors are added to they system they need to be approved. This will execute a bulk approval for all investors.

Create Orders

This will create orders in bulk for all approved investors.

Clean the DB

After you are done testing and would like to remove the test data, click the Delete ALL Data button.

Set KYC Status

Each investor will require that they go through the KYC process. This process involves a 3rd party to process the video and relay the status of the process back to the Offering Manager. By clicking on the "Mock Failure" or "Mock Reject" buttons will mock the process of each work flow for testing. This workflow requires the use of a mobile phone.